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Who 'invented' the wellington boot


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Choose from our full range of wellies in our wellington stock list

Dunlop Wellingtons Direct - The home of wellies...

The humble Dunlop wellington boot - from gardens in Guildford to construction in Coventry

And, indeed, all imaginable places near, far and in between. The wellie (or welly) is unquestionably a timeless icon of functionality and use. Designed specifically to keep your feet dry, the wellington boot has found a place in almost every home, garden, factory and construction site around the world where the wellington's reknown water resistant properties are essential.

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Wellingtons Dunlop Acifort

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Wellingtons Dunlop Pricemastor

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Wellingtons Dunlop Purofort

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Don’t do it in wellingtons

Whatever you’re doing, do it in Dunlop®

They have a range of boots to suit all requirements. For those who live in their boots day in, day out, all day, every day, the perfect boot is essential. Whether the work is on and around the farm, using heavy machinery, working with cattle or crops or working on a construction site; at the end of the day you want to come home with dry, happy feet...ready for the next days work.

Ideal for:

  • Dairy farming
  • Livestock farming
  • Crop farming
  • Horticulture
  • Engineering and construction work
  • General industry work
  • Food processing
  • Leisure wear

Do it in Dunlop®

You don’t want a wellington boot. You need a Dunlop® boot. Dunlop® has an extensive range of boots, each individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the job in hand.

Designed for the outdoors

As you are out and about in all seasons, the Purofort® boot range are insulated against both the cold and the heat with their unique material technology. Purofort® boots protect you down to at least -20°C ensuring warm feet in the winter, but also keeping you cool in summer. One boot for all seasons!

Robust and durable

As you know, boots that are worn all day must be strong, and resistant to wear and cracking. Because Dunlop® know this too, the Purofort ® range offers maximum durability and excellent wear resistance.


Safety is of the greatest importance when deciding which protective boots to buy. You can choose from a Full Safety range which means your boots will have both steel toe-cap and steel midsole. All of the boots are fully waterproof and most are resistant to minerals, animal and vegetable fats and oils, disinfectants, manure and various solvents and chemicals.

The Ranges

Dunlop Acifort logo

The Acifort® range represents a family of boots suitable for general, all purpose environments. Each boot offers special protective properties for its various end user needs. Acifort® boots are developed for all round protection for a wide range of conditions, from general industry to food processing. They offer practical and durable footwear for functional usage.


Dunlop Purofort logo

Dunlop Purofort® boots are made from Polyurethane. The process to make the material uses a unique ‘injection mould’ technique. Millions of microscopic air bubbles are literally ‘injected’ into the Polyurethane as it is being heated. These air bubbles act as a barrier between you and the atmosphere. The material remains thermally insulated down to -20°C. It won’t crack or break. And you won’t feel the cold either; the boots will maintain their natural heat resistance so they stay flexible and you stay toasty!

Because Purofort® boots won’t fracture they are exceptionally supple, they will bend and flex with the foot like no other boot can! This flexibility combined with a unique cushioned sole make them very comfortable. And comfort doesn’t just mean happy feet. The shock absorbing sole prevents fatigue on the feet which reduces pressure on the knees and hips.

Purofort® boots are also practical. They look and feel great, but they also have a job to do. Your Dunlop® Purofort® boots have a high resistance to chemicals and manure. Up to 35% lighter than traditional wellington boots and 100% waterproof, your Purofort® boots are also cost efficient; Purofort® can last up to 3 times as long as traditional wellington boots so one pair will keep you going for ages!

You know it’s a Dunlop® Purofort® boot when it’s:

  • Light weight
  • Flexible and supple
  • Comfortable
  • Thermally insulated
  • Strong and durable

Dunlop Purofort+ logo

Purofort®+ is the latest boot in the Dunlop® family; a newer and more advanced version of the Purofort® boot. The contemporary design and extra safety features ensure that you have the most professional boot for the job.

So, what’s the difference? The Purofort®+ has an improved fit. The insides of the boot cushion the foot, holding it in place better and restricting movement…essential for support. The toe area has been increased, so that whatever activities you’re doing, your feet have all the room they need. The Purofort®+ also has an added moisture absorbing insole for hygiene.

But there haven’t just improvements to the inside…the outside has improved too! The new design features extra strengthening in the leg and metatarsal areas. The outer sole also features the ‘red-fish’ ladder grip. Designed especially for grip and traction, this unique sole tread gives extra foot control even in deep stony and muddy surfaces. Doing it in Dunlop® has never been safer!

You know it’s a Dunlop® Purofort®+ boot when it has:

  • Improved fit for optimal comfort
  • Exceptional traction
  • An anatomically shaped footbed
  • A moisture-absorbing inlay sole

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